Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All Things Laser

Lets discuss lasers.  We have all had trouble finding a way to introduce a good balanced and interesting way to include lasers into the game.  Im not talking about Blasters, which are an entirely different thing.  Blasters use ( I can only imagine) A form of controlled plasma that is emitted as a focused blast.  A laser is a weapon that focuses light into such a narrow beam that it causes disruption of materials by burning through them.

Right now Blasters have the disadvantage of being large heavy weapons that do considerable damage at close range.  Lasers should have the ability to travel long distances and have an increased to hit ability as you can imagine them akin to a hose where the beam can be walked into the target.  But damage is the main concern here.  If one focuses a magnifying glass onto a piece of paper using the light of the sun eventually the paper will burn.  Does the energy of a laser work the same? Does the weapon beam have to be focused onto the target for multiple segments?  How does the new staging system work with this model?



  1. How about increasing the staging per hit. So on the first segment that the laser hits the target, the weapon stages at lets say 3, on the next segment the staging is 2 and finally on the 3rd and subsequent rolls staging is done by as 1.

  2. That sounds exactly right to me.

    I think that your target # also decreases as you paint the target each segment (just like aiming improves your to hit) and there is no recoil on consecutive shots further increasing the damage reward for the patience of the laser user.

  3. Range should also be an advantage to the Laser guy. The should also be effective against certain kinds of structural Integrity ( not sure how to do that or what kinds they would have an advantage against.)

    atmosphere like fog, rain and snow would be disadvantages.