Navigator is a space based Science Fiction Role Playing game.  A few friends got together back in the 80’s and started playing RPG’s.  D&D, Gamma World, Traveler and Shadowrun.  We added many ‘House Rules’ through the years of playing and many times explored entirely new game ideas based off what we had played in the past.  It was some years ago that Myself and a fellow by the name of Ed decided that we would try and re write all the old House rules we used in Gammaworld and recreate the game the way we had liked it to play it.  So we started writing Gamma World II.  A few of us had reunited in Denver and were actually starting to Play again after many years of ‘growing’ up and were able to help us playtest the rules.  The response was great and soon after new ideas and a very different way to handle character creation we had altered the rules so much that we decided to just come up with a completely new game.  So any and all references to the Old Gammaworld II were thrown out and Navigator was born.

Navigator is not ‘based’ on an existing universe or a world or set of characters that we devised.  It is generic in the sense that the GM and group of players can create or borrow from an existing universe i.e. Star Wars, or create their own from imagination.  You will find No ‘Class’ specific character type here either.  If you design a large powerful fighter type, you may view him as a fighter, But as a fighter you gain no special bonuses just for being that ‘class’.  Classes are formed by how your character is created and how you choose to play your character.

Modification of these rules is not only OK, its recommended.  We still argue to this day over rules that don’t quite cover every situation.  That is part of the reason for this Blog.  By all means, do what we did and make this game your own.  You will find that a lot of the rules are left up to a bit of reasoning on the player and GM’s part.  You will not find detailed explanations on how to handle every situation in a science fiction realm.  We wanted something that could be as detailed as the Players wanted it to be, or  as simple.  I think we found a nice balance of a detailed but simple character creation combined with a unique combat system that slows down the action enough that it feels real but not so slow as that an entire session is spent just resolving a combat round.  

I’ll stop here, and let you read on and decide for yourself on how brilliant we were or not.    

We hope you enjoy Navigator, and as I said before, please make it your own, We did.

Thank you on behalf of :

Ed ‘ Starfish’ VonTersch
Jason ’Deinon’ Brown
Napoleon ‘Wolverine’ Gallageos
Tim ‘Og’ma’Gog’ Slivka
Jeff ‘ Beaner’ Sauthoff
Billy ‘Jo bob’ Atha
Sean ‘ Corum’  Page
Dan ‘ Lazerus’ Woods
Keith ‘Mychanon’ Brown (hope your still playin up there)
Mitch ‘Frenchy’ Page