Thursday, May 5, 2011

Specialization and Signature Skills

Specialization is an ability to increase the effect of a skill by focusing on a certain area of that skill set.  For example,  pistol is a skill set including all pistols from holdout to heavy blasters.  A player can choose to specialize in one aspect of the skill set such as Heavy Pistols for example to gain certain abilities when using pistols that fall under that heading.

A signature skill is taking the process one step further and narrowing the specialization even more by selecting a specific weapon, ship or tool as the signature item.  For instance with our example above, the player could say choose a TAPH 8 (Heavy Pistol) in their inventory as their signature weapon.  When using this weapon they would gain additional benefits including the Heavy Pistol Specialization.

A player must be Specialized in a skill area to gain the Signature Skill.

How does this sound?  And lets come up with some examples of specializations and signature skill benefits.


  1. Sounds good to me. Not sure about the benefits other than increasing to hits or target #s.

    I would suggest that you could do that with piloting your ship now as you have had some trying encounters and maneuvers.

  2. I totally agree, maybe even put a section about Level 10 Fly Fishing. You know, roll casting, and double haul skills along with stalking, river morphology, and bug identification. Sounds good to me.

  3. We have allways used specialization in roll play...Why stop now?